Roots from the 90's & 00's rave culture


Live music, jam style covering many genres

My New EP - "When The Moment's So Good You Space Out A Bit"  Is Out Now!

Click the album above to listen on your favorite streaming service, then check out some of my previous releases below.

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Getaway - 2022

Getaway is an easy flowing, relaxing mini-vacation from reality

Pùbù - 2021

Pùbù transports you to a place where east meets west in a psychedelic encounter

Tumbleweed - 2021

Tumbleweed takes you on a journey through different cultures and genres

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KylelyK (Kyle Krenzer) is a multi instrumentalist producer from Kansas City who has lived in CO and OR for the last 15 years.  A huge fan of live music since his early teens, he's traveled the rave scene of the 90's and early 2000's as well as the jam scene from the late 90's to present. 

He blends a wide variety of styles into electronic music including jazz, world, reggae, rock, downtempo, DnB, and has heavy influences from the jam band community with his live music feel. 

KylelyK released 6 singles in early 2020 from music over the previous few years, then became more dedicated and released  a full length album in July of 2020.  His following single, “Tumbleweed”, was a hit amongst listeners showcasing a bluegrass tone in an electric setting.  Since, KylelyK has released the singles Pùbù  in 2021 and Getaway  in 2022  and his newest EP, When The Moment's So Good You Space Out A Bit,  released Nov 30, 2022.

KylelyK can be found on Spotify, Apple iTunes, Bandcamp, YouTube music, SoundCloud and more. 

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